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My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness.
 I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? Is feeling exhausted, moody or unwell in your body affecting your relationships or career? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health and happiness as a whole.

What is Health Coaching

Health Coaching is the difference between people knowing or trying to follow good advice, and really reaching their wellness goals.  It draws on the principles from positive psychology and the practices of motivational interviewing and goal setting. Many employers, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies are now referring patients to Health Coaches - for the ongoing support they can’t offer themselves. Health Coach will help you achieve what your doctor says you should be doing. What you know or feel you should be doing, but can’t reach alone. Or helps you find out, what it is, that you need to be doing, to feel your best.

In our time of readily accessible free information - the internet, books, new trendy
diets and fitness programs, and new studies contradicting the old information - it’s difficult to know which course you should pursue to achieve your wellness and fitness goals. It can be overwhelming and contradicting. Where do I start? Is it the right one? How do I keep up? What if I fail again? Why is it not working for me? Why doesn't it last? Should I be gluten or dairy-free for life? You may have ended up feeling discouraged and disheartened more than once.
Health Coach is aware of your uniqueness and your specific lifestyle challenges, which is where other one-fits-all approaches come short. A Health Coach will help you tailor a plan specific to your unique needs and abilities, that will be very "doable" and lasting. It will be based on your health history and your present condition, your goals, taking into account your past experiences with weight loss and exercise, releasing your intuitive knowledge about your own body, and it'll be flexible to fit your current situation and lifestyle.

Ever felt rushed through the doctor's office with no time for you to say much? It is your body and life after all, you might know some important bits about it. Instead, you promptly end up with a diagnosis for your body parts and prescription to manage your symptoms. Western medicine is a great and important tool, especially in cases of emergencies, and it can bring relief through chemistry. However, with it's focus on immediate relief and the help of chemistry, it falls short of searching for the very roots to symptoms, and it rather bypasses the power of the body to heal itself. Health Coaching doesn't take the place of western medicine. What it does is filling the gap western medicine is leaving.

Giving you the space to talk and be heard is another unique feature of Health Coaching. By finally hearing yourself, you can clarify, what you really need or want, release the ever present dilemmas, and move on towards solutions. You can taste the power of being heard by signing up for your first free session with me.

This first chat can also give you a glimpse of another important factor of Health Coaching - the feeling of being valued and supported. Having a supportive accountability partner is an important tool on the way to really reaching your health and wellness goals.

Add the fact, that your new partner is a trained professional, that understands your issue, and often has a personal experience (health coaches, tend to specialize in something we used to struggle with and have overcome;). And you have a recipe for success!

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autism, schizophrenia, alzheimer's... all on the rise. We all possess the ability to prevent or fight disease with our own lifestyle choices. However, too many people are lost or mislead when it comes to healthy living, or simply don’t have the time. Many adopt the mindset that it’s too difficult to stay healthy or that healthy food and gym memberships are too expensive and results don’t last

Health Coaches have a body of knowledge in healthy eating, fitness, stress management and life-balancing techniques. This one professional can provide you a well-rounded, customized plan, that will cater to your unique needs, abilities, and goals in an all inclusive, holistic way. Health Coach will be your co-pilot on the journey that ultimately leads to permanent, positive change.

Is Health Coaching expensive?

As with any other service or product, you are going to pay for the time and know-how (goods) you're about to receive. Hiring a Health Coach - you could think of it as an investment into your own body and happiness. After your initial program is over, you'll stay with life-long understanding of how to support your body. How and what to eat to feel good, keep your weight stable, and your mind balanced, bright and happy. In addition, working with a Health Coach can actually help you save, big time! Just think of your time, energy, food & drink, eating out, medical expenses, including dental work, cosmetics, treatments, wardrobe... It will also have positive effect on such areas of your life as relationships, career and income when feeling great, you simply end up more happy, loving, energetic and productive...

As your coach, I will listen carefully and we’ll navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together
to explore what truly works for you.

Ready to start feeling better than ever? 
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