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Last year my mom passed away. It’s hard, beyond words. Some of you understand. 

It’s harder, because last spring I was telling myself how I will be able to finally pull my own mess together (kids starting school next year) and how I will then manage to spend some time with her, how we can finally live life together a bit. I thought of all the places I’ll take her to…

But that summer we drove those places without her, crying.

When she lived I often focused on the troubled things about her. The things to which I couldn’t understand why. Things that made me upset, angry. Things I was incapable to help with.

Now those things disappeared. As if they’ve never existed. They are not an important part of the memory of her. They were just a noise. Noise on top of the true person she was. Beautiful, good-hearted, loving, fun, fun-loving, frank and smiley. The true essence of her. Before happenings of life have shaded it. That is how I remember her. And that’s what I miss. What I want to become more of. The lesson taught by my mom. Focus on essence.

What’s your essence?

Without the noise of problems and issues and habits and circumstances. Without your travel on baggage of all the things you did. Without what others think about you. And without what you think about yourself based on all the things you’ve been through. What is the true you without the noise?

Whatever you do - start from there. Whoever you meet, start from there. Then, support it.

Don’t be late, now is all you have. Trust me.

With Love & Essence-Support


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Jun 27, 2017
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Sep 14, 2016
A big, big hug Verun, M.